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Syed Zafar Hyder
Homeopath, HOM, DHMS

In the late seventies, I often used to have headaches and neck pains. With the help of the conventional system, relief was only temporary. I was suggested to try Homeopathy. It indeed helped and in a few months my symptoms were gone. I was so much impressed by this treatment that I started reading books on Homeopathy. I noticed there are numerous conditions that we normally go through in our lives but hardly any help is offered in the conventional way of treatment. Homeopathy helps relieve these conditions of life, such as, grinding of teeth during sleep, types of odors from perspiration, urine and feces, sweating of face or forehead while eating, one foot hot and the other foot cold, and etc.   

My appetite towards the knowledge of Homeopathy increased so immensely that I was attracted to take up the diploma course of four years in homeopathy and started my practice in 2002.

I started practicing Homeopathy in Ontario after becoming the member of Ontario Homeopathic Association in 2004. I am registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

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