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Q. Is it safe? 

A. Homeopathic remedies are very safe and can be used alongside conventional medicines. Homeopathy is so safe that often it is the treatment of choice for pregnant women. Similarly, it is safe for infants/toddlers, young children, and elderly. There are no side effects whatsoever. There is no danger of an overdose. There is no addiction towards these remedies.  

Q. How does it work? 

A. Homeopathic medicines are called remedies. These remedies work by acting as a stimulus to the natural healing process within the body to bring about a curative response and relieve the symptoms. Each remedy and potency (strength) is chosen to suit the individual and their illness. 

Q. How are remedies made? 

A. The majority of homeopathic remedies are made from plants, metals, minerals and animal origin. Few examples are aloe vera (plant), iron (metal), sodium chloride (mineral), & honey bee (animal). However, it is the method of preparation which makes all homeopathic remedies safe, whatever their origin may be. Through a process of repeated dilution and succession (shaking the bottle), any toxic effects of the original substance are completely eradicated and only the curative properties remain. Because the active ingredient is so minute, it is often referred to as the minimum dose. Remedies are usually given by mouth in the form of soluble tablets, powders or liquids.  


Q. What conditions can homeopathy treat? 

A. People experiencing almost any health problem can be helped with homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy can help heal a wide range of day-to-day troubles, such as bruises, cuts, sprains, insect bites etc, and both acute and chronic diseases. It can also help people who “just don’t feel right”. For example; many people may have consulted a doctor and had several tests done, in which reports were all clear but regardless of the clear reports, the individual just doesn't feel well. Homeopathy can boost energy levels and, in this respect, is an important form of preventive medicine which can help to correct early imbalances so that more serious conditions can be avoided. While homeopathy treats many common complaints, other diseases or syndromes can also be treated, including those without a name or a known cause. Homeopaths do not diagnose. If you are looking for a diagnosis, then please consult your family doctor.

Q. How long will treatment last? 

A. This will vary from person to person and to some degree is related to the length of time that you have had the problem. For instance, a condition of 10 or 20 years standing will take longer to treat when compared to a problem that someone has had for only a few months or days.


Q. How often will I need to have a consultation? 

A. For most conditions, consultations normally take place at four to six weekly intervals. This is long enough to evaluate the action of the remedy but not so long that the details of the changes have been forgotten. As the treatment progresses, you visit your homeopath rarely. 

Q. Will homeopathy affect drugs prescribed by family 

    physician or specialist?


A. Because of the way the remedies are prepared, the person only receives a minute dose. They are very safe and will not interact or interfere with the action of modern medical drugs. 

Q. Will I have to stop taking my drugs prescribed by 

    family physician or specialist? 

A. No. In some cases, it is very dangerous to stop some medications that your body has come to rely on, e.g. diabetic insulin. With other conditions, there may be a reaction to suddenly stopping a drug. As your symptoms are relieved/reduced, during homeopathic treatment, your homeopath will advise you to discuss your drug regime with your family physician, with a view to reducing and possibly stopping some prescribed drugs. You should always inform your homeopath of any drugs you are currently taking.  

Q. Can homeopathy treat degenerative diseases? 

A. While homeopathy cannot reverse degenerative changes such as arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, the remedies can help and support the person in many ways. Remedies can help with pain control, reduction of inflammation, boosting the person’s immune system, boosting energy levels, and raising their general level of health. In some instances, they can reduce the rate of progress of the disease. With diabetes, they can work preventively to reduce and delay the onset of related conditions, such as vascular problems and diabetic retinopathy, as the homeopathy will help maintain good metabolic control. 

Q. Can homeopathy treat cancers? 

A. Cancer is a very fearful disease and there is no miracle cure. However, there is a lot that homeopathy can do to support the person. If desired, the remedies may be used alongside conventional medication where they can help reduce some of the side effects produced by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Because the remedies support the person physically, mentally, and emotionally, homeopathic treatment can reduce the fears and anxieties associated with this disease allowing the person to enjoy a better quality of life. Remedies can be used after conventional treatments to raise the person’s level of health and work preventively to help reduce their susceptibility to recurring problems in the future.

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